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Dating in the Land of Smiles – What Not to Do With Thai Women

There’s no denying that there are a lot of beautiful ladies in Thailand. The country is not dubbed as the land of smiles for nothing. Here, the women don’t only have alluring, sweet smiles, but they also have charming personalities that would make you fall for them even more.

Nevertheless, dating Thailand girls still has its ups and downs, and in order to have more chances of winning their hearts, you’ll have to know how to date them.

Before jumping on a date and possibly ending up with a heartache, prepare yourself by checking out these simple guidelines when going out with Thai women:

1.Don’t Rush In

This is actually a general rule when dating. Thailand dating is no different, so don’t get too exciting and decide on settling down after a few weeks of being together. While it’s pretty understandable to get carried away, especially when you’re in an exotic country dating an exotic girl, it’s still best to take things slowly and surely.

One rule is to think and date like how you normally do in your hometown. You wouldn’t just finally settle for a girl after a few dates, right? Even if you think that the girl is perfect for you, it’s still wise to keep things on a steady pace.

Generally, in a Thai dating site, discussing about moving in an apartment or meeting the parents to take things to the next level is common. So, before you engage, don’t rush it and decide at the heat of the moment. Assess after a few months instead. This will save you and her from any emotional scars in case things don’t go as planned.

2.Don’t Encourage Fleeting Encounters

If you’re serious in finding a partner in Thailand, fleeting encounters are not encouraged. While there are Thailand women who are down for some fun time in just a short span of time, risking yourself during such situations is not worth it.

Instead, in support with what’s stated above, taking things slowly is the best route when you want to find a potential partner in Thailand unless this is what you’re after in the first place.

Find an ideal girl, spend some quality time with her, and take the time to get to know her more exclusively. This can be enriching, so give some time for your relationship to bloom even more.

3.Don’t Single Out Your Dating Options

By this, it means to widen the platforms or areas to search for a potential date. If you’re in Thailand, especially when you’re new, it’s easy to get dragged into the nightlife scene. While it is not totally wrong, if you’re searching for a wide variety of girls to date, you’ll surely have to use other means of meeting them too.

That’s why Thailand girls for dating can also be found in dating platforms online. Don’t just solely focus on the bars and clubs. When online dating, you’ll get to have a sneak peak at a potential’s profile. Plus, you know that their intention is to date, so this makes mingling easier for you.

4. Don’t Dismiss Their Chaperones

When you meet Thailand singles, don’t expect to have a solo time with them immediately. Sometimes, they bring a friend with them on a first date – even a second or third one if they’re not so confident or comfortable with you still. This is common in Thailand, so it’s not surprising to see your date with a friend with her to back her up.

This has something to do with their culture, so it’s best if you respect this trend and just make the most out of the encounter. Also, this helps them gain more confidence when they’re with someone who can help them break the ice or assist them in case language barrier occurs.

That’s why have some patience when your date happens to bring someone to tag along. It’s normal for their culture, so don’t make a big deal out of it. Also, making them comfortable with you would take some time, so don’t get discourage right away if they won’t show up alone during the 3rd date. Consistency is the key!

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5.Don’t Make Promises that You Can’t Keep

This is true to all relationships. Thailand girls are just like any other girls in the world. They would also hate it if you’re going to make promises that you won’t keep. There are a lot of stories about this, about men providing hope to their partners and then not following up. This would be devastating for these ladies, so be conscious with your plans and stick to them.

Especially when you’re in a far place, you’d want to not make any negative moves that would upset your partner. On top of this being wrong, you’d also break her trust and heart.

Instead, be clear with what you want and let her know what your plans are. Make sure that she knows about them and that she fully agrees with everything. This will not only make your dating life easier, but it would also allow you to have a stronger and much more meaningful relationship with her.

6.Don’t Dwell on Negative Generalizations

Oftentimes, we see negative reviews on Thailand dating sites, but these are just generalizations. It’s essential that we don’t fully believe in this. While this has some truth to it as not everything is perfect in the dating world, it’s also unfair if you won’t give Thai women a chance.

Apply all of the tips mentioned above. Surely, you’ll find a decent partner in no time. If not, don’t stop until you find the ideal match for you. It takes time and effort, but when you consistently do this, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

When you meet Thai ladies online, take note of the guidelines provided above and just enjoy your time. Dating does not have to be daunting and can be enjoyable too. Next time you meet a Thai beauty online or if you happen to meet one in her country, give this a try and see if it’ll work. Good luck!

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