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Why It Is Worth It to Date a Russian Woman

There is a quote that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A lot has been said for the beauty of Russian women but I believe that there’s not enough said about their uniqueness, charm, and sweetness. Even so, it’s no doubt why many men wanted to date Russian ladies at least once in their lifetime. But what really makes them attractive? What makes a Russian woman so alluring? What are the strong points of dating one? Well, let’s find out below.

1.Overall Unique and Exotic Appearance

Russian women are world-famous for their beauty and class. Their appearance is so appealing to men from various ethnicities and nations. It is hard to find one specific reason though on why they are so blessed with superb genetics. The main reason is probably due to the fact that Russian women are very ethnically diverse.

Aside from being gifted with looks, Russian ladies also make a huge effort to look even prettier when it comes to their fashion choices. She is usually well-dressed up in a trendy dress, with makeup on, and her hair laid on. She is tall, wearing heels, with nude to neutral lipstick.

They exude an elegant but simple vibe. It is pretty easy to single her out in a crowd. Hence, if you are in the United States, for example, it won’t be hard for you to meet Russian singles in the USA.

2.An Intellectual

Intellectual ability is interrelated with human attractiveness. In this respect, Russian women are also famous for these qualities as well. Take the example of their world leaders, various Miss Universe Winners, and many more.

Whatever your agenda of wanting to date Russian girls are, you’ll surely enjoy your time spent with these smart gals. Russian women have a broad outlook and prioritize their education a lot. Many of them study abroad, study new cultures, and foreign languages. Hence, don’t be afraid of sharing your thoughts and opinions as they are good at communicating their ideas too.


Russian women dates honest and trustworthy men because they possess those qualities as well. They are sincere and honest with their feelings and they really appreciate these traits in others. They can’t relate to liars and prefers you to be straight up about your intentions.

Therefore, if you wish to go on Russian dating or if you encounter a Russian dating UK, American, Asian, and so forth, expect to see strong relationships. Why? Because Russian relationships are built with trust and honesty.


Have you matched with a Russian lady in any one of the best Russian dating sites out there? Well, one misconception about dating apps is that relationships started online are of low quality. Online relationships, they say, are full of lies and both or either one of the parties is not loyal. However, this is not the case with Russian women. You should try to see it yourself.

Russian women are said to be loyal, martyr, and self-forgetful when they are head over heels over a man. “Blinded by love” are some famous phrases used when most people refer to Russian ladies. She will be with you through thick or thin when you need her advice, or just her shoulder to cry on.

Don’t take advantage of their “blind love” though. Once they come to their senses, they can be the coldest person you’ll ever meet. They have a quality of being independent too. For this reason, you would rarely see Russian women looking for men.

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5.Good Cook

If you are a foreigner, one awesome reason to date single Russian women is the fact they are a good cook! In this way, you get to try their numerous famous dishes. Russia has a tradition of teaching their girls to cook at a young age to prepare them to become a wonderful partner in the future.

Because of this quality, it is often you see Russian girls dating in restaurants. Thus, you better prepare for getting invited to her home, meeting the family, and eating together with them.


Whether you meet your Russian girlfriend in a bar, at school, or on Russian dating sites, expect that there will come a time that you are going to meet her family. Of course, it will eventually happen when the relationship gets serious.

Once you meet Russian women, you will observe that they really are close to their families. It is because they like to talk about them. Asking how their family is doing can be a good start in a conversation with them.

7.Good Friend

Russian women don’t rush things. When they want to get into a relationship you know that they are already serious with you. They want to know you better before going to the next level. For them, the friendship stage in a relationship is important. This is a good catch, right? Finding a lover and a best friend in one person is one of the top things a man could want.

They are sweet and like to cheer up people. You can lean on them and talk about anything - the news, fun stuffs, and even sad ones.

8.Fun-loving Companion

Russian dating is a fun adventure! Russian women are always on the go, and fun to be with. Although these ladies are not known for being party-goers, times are already changing, and Slavic ladies are also enthusiastic. Well, if you are the type of person who loves literature, they will not disappoint because this is their forte.

Their minds are open to new adventures and discoveries. They are really flexible on matters of intellectual talks or physical activities. If you also into hiking, skiing, swimming, or biking, you can have these fun times with her.

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There are a lot of reasons why it is worth your time to date Russian ladies. However, we are afraid this article will take forever to write. To wrap things up, Russian women are indeed cool, sophisticated, and fearless. She is a dream girl and you should consider yourself very lucky if you get to date one of these girls.