Dating in China: Culture Shock and Love

It can be challenging to date someone from another cultural background. The difference in the background can negatively affect your relationship. If you are dating Asian women, for example, you may find the difference in culture clashing with your relationship. If you only know the western idea of dating, it may be difficult for you to date a girl in Asia then. Dating in China is a typical example of what dating in Asia is. In this write-up, we will show you a thing or two to consider when you want to date a woman from Asia.

No middle ground

As we stated earlier, dating in China is not the same as dating in the western world. You may, therefore, find it difficult to cope if this is the first time you will be dating a woman from Asia. Dating in the western world goes from stage to stage. The western relationship is serious about taking things from one level to another. There is no such thing in the Asian world. After meeting, the Asian couple will start talking about the future. They may even conclude on meeting her parents from the first date. The kind of orderliness you find in western dating is not obtainable in Chinese dating.

Many locals do not fancy the idea of dating. They can even assume to be dating after the first meeting before either party proposes. This is one point you must bear in mind when dating Asian women. You will never find an Asian couple meeting for the first time to talk about moving to the next level. They will not even bother about taking permission before seeing each other as lovers.

Chinese flaunt their wealth to get a girl

Before you can get a girl in China, you may have to go after that girl. This is one culture that is not practiced in the western world. Even if it happens in the western world, it is not at the same capacity as what happens in Asia. Before dating Asian women, you will have to go after such women. This will allow you to make her like you. While going after her, you should use the opportunity to show her the kind of man you are. Asian men are in the habit of flaunting their wealth in front of the woman they want. They, therefore, follow an old-fashioned “courting” method. He can even buy presents for her to give her an idea of what she has to offer.

Friends desiring the same girl

It is an acceptable thing for multiple men to go after a single girl in China. In fact, the men involved will rarely be angry with one another. This is in direct contrast to what happens in the western world. In the western world, two women going after the same girl can breed problems among the friends. It can even cause the friend to stop relating with one another. However, the friends can decide to leave the girl for the other friend. At other times, the two friends can decide to go one after the other and leave the girl to decide whom she prefers to date between them.

Chinese do not see any problem in two or more friends going after the same girl. When going after girls, each of the friends will be busy flaunting his wealth to attract the girl. You may find this difficult to deal with if this is the first time you will be dating Asian women.

Matching outfits

One other noticeable thing about Asian dating is the wearing of matching outfits. Do not be surprised to see the dating couples wear their matching clothes on the streets. Some even wear two pieces of clothes that can only be worn together. Such clothes come in different designs and it is more of a norm among Chinese couples. It is a way of showing the whole world that they are deeply in love with each other. If you too plan to date Asian women, you may indulge in this colorful cultural activity. You will surely find so many service providers that can get such beautiful clothing designed for you and your loved one.

Dating seems in a rush

There is a feeling that dating couples are in a rush. There is no gradual movement as is the case in the western world. This is not a taboo at all in Asia. Do not be surprise at the Asian couple agreeing to meet the parents of each other after the first date. While this may look somewhat storage, it still has its good part. Talking about these things on the first date enables the parties involved to know where the relationship is heading.

As a result, they rarely wait for things to progress gradually. They do not see anything bad in rushing things up from the first date. You need to prepare your mind if you are planning to date Asian women. Do not allow it to bother you if she starts talking about commitment from the first date.

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